【PELIKAN】M205 Fountain Pen "Olivine" [M205]

【PELIKAN】M205 Fountain Pen "Olivine" [M205]

Our Selling Price: 17,000YEN(tax incl.)




Limited Edition 205 Demonstrator - "Olivine"


Already keenly awaited since the launch of the Edelstein® Ink of the Year 2018: the color matching series Classic 205 Olivine. The shade of color is extraordinary: the naming Olivine leads to an imagination of a pure olivine-green color version. Actually the color impression of the natural gem stone combines a lighter green, develops to a rather dark tree-green and finally shows effects of olive-green shades. The different strengths of material dimension in the various product components follow up this effect and lead to a variation of green-color shades in just one pen. Amazing.




Size: 13.2*125.6mm

Nib: F/ EF