【PLATINUM】PRO-USE 171 Drafting Pencil MSDA-1500

【PLATINUM】PRO-USE 171 Drafting Pencil MSDA-1500

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“Snork System” is applied to let you select the writing feel of your choice!

The application of the Safety Slide Mechanism does not fully provide the writing feel that a mechanical drafting pencil can offer. Therefore the “Snork System” was developed. With our PRO-USE 171, the users can enjoy two types of writing feel: the delicate feel of the lead on the paper, or a stable feel, with unbreakable lead even when applying strong pressure. Also, as the length of the lead is changed by rotating the tip of the pencil, you can adjust the height against a ruler, or paper, to obtain the writing feel of your choice.

Diameter: 0.3mm / 0.5mm / 0.7mm / 0.9mm