【MIDORI】TRAVELER'S notebook Regular Size / Camel [15193006]

【MIDORI】TRAVELER'S notebook Regular Size / Camel [15193006]

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Traveler's notebook camel color has been realsed!!! 


TRAVELER’S notebook will release a camel color as its standard lineup.
In the past, we released the camel color twice. Once as a fifth anniversary limited edition for the regular size, and as a collaboration version with Star Ferry for Passport Size. Both of those notebooks were released as a limited edition, but this time, we readjusted the color and texture of the camel leather, and decided to add it into our standard lineup.
Compared to black and brown, camel shows a lot of change in color. Also, each of the camel leather shows a slight difference, and makes scratch marks easy to appear, but the more you use it, the more the texture changes and reflects the characteristic of the user. In that sense, it’s possible to say that out of the three leather colors available, camel is the color that most reflects the characteristic of TRAVELER’S notebook.

Traveler’s notebook has a leather cover which the more you use, the better quality it becomes,

and simple notebook is easy to use.  We hope it tempts you to go traveling having this notebook

in your hands.  Please write down at random what you feel or what you think in the caféyou dropped

into during your travel, which will surely be your precious treasure.Besides, you may find a new

feature every day, going to work, having this notebook in your hands.  It may change your life!   

The inside can be changed with the refills for this notebook.  After using for a long time when the 

leather quality changes and scratched remain as your memories, this notebook will be more precious 

than ever to you.


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Color: Camel

Size: H218 W130 D10mm

Attachment: Plain paper (32sheets)

Spare Band: Green