【MIDORI】MD Notebook

【MIDORI】MD Notebook

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MD Notebook

For you to cherish something, and use it for years to come, it has to be of fine quality. This notebook insists on the best quality possible.

Bound with stitches, it opens up flat to let you write with ease. And it is very durable.

When you finish up a notebook, you have a book made by and for yourself, the one and only one in the whole world. Keep it in your bookshelf, among your favorite books.


Size: Paper Book Size/ H148 x W105 x D10mm / 176pages (Ruled/ Blank/ Grid)

Size: New Book Size/ H175 x W105 x D10mm / 176pages (Ruled/ Blank/ Grid)

Size: A5 Size/ H210 x W148 x D10mm / 176pages (Ruled/ Blank/ Grid)

Size: A4 Size/ H275 x W210 x D10mm 176pages ( Only Blank paper is avaiable)




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